Jehnny Beth-performing

Shut up

"Shut Up" off the album Silence Yourself   by the all-female English rock band, Savages, inspired this lyric book box. I designed the box so that it can be assembled by hand without any need for glue or tape. In theory these could be handed out as a flat poster during a concert and then folded by the receiver.

  • Client Savages
  • Role Book Design
  • Date 2016


Above:Jehnny Beth (vocals)(photo credit: TIM courtesy of Savages)
Below: All members (photo credit: Cara Robbins courtesy of Savages)
Jehnny Beth-performing
Statement of Intent

The Concept of the book is focus, and I want to represent that through the focus of light. There are multiple levels of interaction in a performance, and a phone only allows you to engage on one visual plane. To fully engage during a performance, you have to remove other distractions. The light box allows me to control all distractions within an enclosed space. The pages are all white, because I want to emphasize singular focus. To find the lyrics you must feel the paper, and engage your senses.

I wanted each page to look and feel like an artwork. The light box window is the size of a modern phone. Conceptually the box is a representation of a phone and you must remove the distractions (each page) in order to understand the full picture. When all the slots are in place you see only one image, and have little to no interaction (the same way that phones allow you to see one flat image). There's a spectrum of images to be experienced both in music and in art.

Layout Exploration

Industry type


  • pages 1-3
  • pages 4-6
  • pages 7-9
  • pages 10-12
  • page 13, cover, open

Final Product

  • front closed
  • Angled Front
  • Slots Out
  • Open Close-Up