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Animal Planet

Animal Planet was launched in 1996 with a mission to be "the world’s only entertainment brand that immerses viewers in the full range of life in the animal kingdom".

  • Client Discovery Communications
  • Role Case Study
  • Date 2016

Current Branding
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In 2008 the brand launched a new campaign with the tagline "Surprisingly Human" to support the networks shift away from documentaries in favor of reality television. The rebrand was not received well, and the channel has struggled to provide a cohesive identity since.


-Provide a clear/cohesive brand identity & mission
-Translate cohesive brand identity to social media sites
-Provide more interaction with social media
-Pay more attention to the people who watch
-Stop selling fiction as fact

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↓ 16.8 Million

viewers between 2008 (47.19 Million) and 2017 (30.39 Million).

46.1% aged 50+

18-34 year-olds account for 27.8%, and 35-49 year-olds account for 26.1%.

51% Male

audience, with 49% female. "River Monsters" is also a top show.

313 Million

subscribers internationally, with 94 million here in the U.S.

$20 billion

pet industry can be capitalized on with shows like "Too Cute".

↑ 10 Million

viewers tune in on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the "Puppy Bowl".

Brand Research

  • previous logos
  • 1996 print ad
  • 1996 print ad
  • 2006 ad
  • 2008 ad
  • 2008 ad
  • 2013 update
  • 2013 update

Identity Exploration

Identity Creation

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